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Hippy Trout Cannabis


Hippy Trout is one of a kind and so is the cannabis that we grow here 



Here at Hippy Trout, we believe life should be fun! As New Mexico’s premier cannabis producer, we dedicate ourselves to our consumers AND the environment. We care about what you put in your body which is why we also care about how our product is grown. Our company is committed to providing clean and superior cannabis grown by the sun like mother nature intended. By cultivating outdoors this allows us to sync with the process mother nature has already perfected. We have meticulously selected our genetics for their terpene and cannabinoid profiles, offering a unique toking experience.  As a company who loves the outdoors, we felt it was only appropriate to provide a product that reflects this. Our cannabis is grown with the nourishment of the sun, richness of the soil, and freshness of the New Mexico Mountain air.

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Doran’s passion for cannabis began during his college career where he researched the effects of cannabinoids on neural receptors. After graduating with a B.S biology and a minor in chemistry he moved to Colorado and began his pursuit in the medical cannabis industry. He started at the largest legal grow in the United States primarily working with propagation and tissue culture before transitioning to vegetative and flowering production, amassing knowledge on all aspects of cannabis care and production. Doran then transitioned to the extraction and molecular distillation of cannabis, first in Colorado for three years before accepting a laboratory director position in Maine. It was here he mastered concentrate production, workflow, molecular distillation, water soluble formulation, dosage formulation and usage regimens for medical patients. It is with this intimate knowledge of cannabis, Doran is now an owner/ operator of Hippy Trout Canna Co. ensuring both medical patients and recreational users in New Mexico have access to meticulously grown cannabis they can feel good about consuming. His goal is to grow high quality exotic genetics organically using agricultural practices to nurture our soil, conserve our water and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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